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Opening December 2014
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Our Story - Vision

Take the path less travelled

Join us on our journey and be part of a new way to enjoy beautiful places in harmony with the people and the land.
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Real Estate

Find out more about Real Estate Opportunities on Kittitian Hill

We currently have both suites and villas available for purchase with a range of whole and fractional ownership options to meet your needs. Click here to explore our real estate and the St Kitts & Nevis Citizenship by Investment Program.
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Stay - Belle Mont Farm

Our boutique hotel set in a tropical fruit farm.

Belle Mont Farm is a collection of private one-bedroom Guest Houses, carefully crafted to be in harmony with the tropical landscape.
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Stay - Yaya Groves

Discover the villas at Kittitian Hill

Yaya Groves is a collection of private villas, each named for the heritage fruit trees planted around them.
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Discover - The Village

Meet, eat and ‘lime’

With a vibrant mix of restaurants and bars, artists and artisans, the Village at Kittitian Hill is the perfect place to mix with the locals, eat, drink and be inspired.
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Kittitian Hill Philosophy
Property - Master Plan

See an overview of the whole of Kittitian Hill

See an overview of the whole of Kittitian Hill.
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Experience - Our Golf Course

Irie Fields - Play the world’s most edible golf course

Our 18-hole golf course weaves through lush tropical farmland, making the most of the natural obstacles in its way.
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Experience - Our Spa

Feel alive at Mango Walk Spa

Set in an ancient mango grove, our spa will leave you feeling more alive than ever.
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Discover - Our Farms

Enjoy our edible landscape

Kittitian Hill is set in 400 acres of organic farmland where we farm and forage as much of our food as possible.
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Experience - Our Food Philosophy

Farm, forage & feast

Discover our farm-to-table approach to growing, preparing and serving the freshest ingredients.
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St Kitts Photo Gallery
Belle Mont Farm Gallery
Our Story - Culture

Creating a world of imagination

We’re bringing creativity and community together in to open up new avenues of expression and outlets for artists and artisans.
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Our Story - Community

A better way of life

The open nature of Kittitian Hills means that you become part of the community when you stay here.
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The Hotelier
Discover - St Kitts

Discover the Caribbean’s best kept secret

With a quarter of the island designated as a national park, St. Kitts offers a unique experience grounded in nature.
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Our Story - Economy

Sharing prosperity

By giving local people a real stake in Kittitian Hill, they become a key part of its success.
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Our Story - Ecology

Finding harmony with the environment

We’re balancing the needs of the local community and the environment with a long-term approach.
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The Fisherman
Experience - Beach Club

It’s what the Caribbean was made for

Sun loungers, snorkelling or sailing – we’ve got everything you need make the most of the Caribbean.
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Property - Villas

The Villas at Yaya Groves

A collection of private 3 and 4 bedroom villas, each named for the grove of heritage fruit trees planted around them. Each villa has an additional private villa suite, separate from the main residence.
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Property - Suites

The Village Suites

Set in the heart of The Village at Kittitian Hill, with its vibrant mix of restaurants and bars, street food stalls and weekly farmers’ market.
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Construction Gallery
About us - Kittitian Hill

Discover Kittitian Hill

Working with our partners we are creating a unique destination in the Caribbean.
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About us - Vision
My vision is to bring together community and culture, along with mindful conservation of natural resources. -Val Kempadoo, Founder
The Farmer
Experience - Walks & Treks

Discover St. Kitts at your own pace

Stroll along one of the many trails that weave through Kittitian Hill or trek up Mount Liamuiga and through the Valley of Giants.
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The Shepherd
The Caribbean’s best kept secret
With its tropical climate and cooling trade winds St. Kitts is welcoming all year round.
Experience - The Refinery

A rare and unusual dining experience

The Refinery restaurant offers a unique place to relax and enjoy our farm-to-table approach to food.
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The Nurseryman
Experience - The Lab

Enjoy a taste of Kittitian Hill

With cocktails inspired by the fruit and herbs that grow around Kittitian Hill, the Lab Bar reflects St. Kitts’ sugar-growing past.
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Farming Gallery
Farm, Forage & Feast
We aim to continually reduce the amount of food flown in from elsewhere to make Kittitian Hill as self-sufficient as possible.
Property - Architecture Gallery
St Kitts Photo Gallery
Discover- Tropical Forest

Explore the ancient forest

The protected rainforest of St. Kitts is expanding. At Kittitian Hill it’s many shades of green tumble down the slopes of Mount Liamuiga to the sea.
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Discover - Marine Life

An underwater paradise

Coral reefs surround St. Kitts, and with deep water close to the shore, the fishing, diving and snorkelling are exceptional.
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Experience - Our Private Airstrip

Ready for a change of pace?

Once you’ve relaxed in Kittitian Hill for a while, you might like to hop on a plane and explore the nearby islands of St. Barths and St. Martin.
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St. Kitts - Introduction

Year-round warmth

Find out more about the climate in St. Kitts.
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St. Kitts - Location

Getting to St. Kitts

There are many local and direct international flights to the island.
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St. Kitts - History

Independent and democratic

Find out more about St. Kitts democracy and legal system.
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St. Kitts - Activities

A tropical lifestyle

Whatever your interests, St. Kitts has lots to offer.
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Well-being Gallery
St. Kitts - Facts & Figures

Useful facts

Information for visitors planning a trip to St. Kitts
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St. Kitts - Economy

Stable currency and thriving economy

Find out more about St. Kitts' economy and currency, pegged to the US Dollar
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About us - Architecture

The architect’s vision

Find out more about the world-renowned designer behind the architecture at Kittitian Hill.
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About us - Accommodations and Amenities

Imagine a new kind of community

Everything you could wish for in one beautiful location.
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Property - Guest Houses

Our guest houses

A collection of private one-bedroom Guest Houses, carefully crafted to be in harmony with the tropical landscape.
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About us - Sustainability

Sustainable luxury living

We’re creating a unique development that puts long-term sustainable development first.
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About us - Our partners

A world-class team

We’ve brought together a team of partners to create Kittitian Hill.
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Citizenship - The process

How citizenship-by-investment works

Find out how the process works here.
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Citizenship - Citizenship-by-investment

The oldest established investment program in the world

St. Kitts has been attracting investors for over 25 years.
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Citizenship - FAQ

Frequently asked questions about citizenship

Everything you need to know about applying for Citizenship-by-Investment.
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The Contractor
Citizenship - Passport Benefits

Passport benefits

There are many advantages to holding a St. Kitts & Nevis passport.
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Citizenship - Agents


We have agents all over the world who can help you with your application.
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Our story of sustainability

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Yaya Groves
Take in the views of the tropical forest climbing up Mount Liamuiga behind you and the fertile organic farmland spread out almost down to the sea.
Kittitian Hill, St.Kitts, West Indies | +1.869.4661712 |
Kittitian Hill, St.Kitts, West Indies | +1.869.4661712 |
Kittitian Hill is a visionary community on the Caribbean island of St. Kitts, pioneering sustainable luxury living. Enjoy beautiful boutique hotels, villas and the world's most edible golf course, set in 400 acres of organic tropical farmland.
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