Take the Path Less Travelled at Kittitian Hill 

While the vision of Kittitian Hill is an evolving one, at its heart is the spirit of sustainability, community and culture. See our vision brought to life through a restorative spa journey, a round on the world’s most edible golf course, the design of our private luxury villas and boutique hotels, or the fresh, flavorful food, harvested from our organic farms before being served in our intimate restaurants.

“My vision is to bring together community and culture, along with mindful conservation of natural resources,” says founder Val Kempadoo. “This means we can offer our guests an unforgettable experience, while bringing lasting, life-changing benefits to the local people and economy.”
We have partnered with talent from around the world who are committed to our values of environmental sustainability and community partnership. Celebrated architect Bill Bensley worked closely with international project managers and a collective of over 30 local contractors who were trained to achieve the highest standards of craftsmanship in constructing Kittitian Hill. 
The people who live and work near Kittitian Hill are central to this vision. We are also sharing our techniques for environmentally responsible food production with nearby farmers. This will help reduce the island’s need to import fruits and vegetables, as well as reduce unnecessary chemicals and pesticides from the food supply.
This is just the beginning. Join us on our journey and be part of a new community in harmony with the people and the land.