Promoting Prosperity & Community in St. Kitts

With people at the heart of Kittitian Hill, we offer a respectful approach to economic prosperity that benefits guests, hosts and the local island community.Our vision is grounded in the idea of sustainable development,and we believe Kittitian Hill will create a new benchmark for hotels in the Caribbean, leading the way for the rest of the world.

Our business models are based on fair trade principles, including active local training and participation. We’re creating an academy to train people in entrepreneurship and hospitality, allowing them to develop the skills and tools they need to grow new businesses.
We have cultivated invaluable assistance from local contractors who have brought their expertise and knowledge of regional materials into building of Kittitian Hill. In turn, we have helped local businesses around the Kittitian Hill community meet new standards and identify new opportunities to implement sustainable practices.
By giving local residents a stake in Kittitian Hill, they become part of it – and the benefits are shared with the local community can also be felt in the warm welcome and genuine hospitality you’ll enjoy during your stay.