Walks & Treks Near Kittitian Hill 

Guests seeking adventurous green vacations will marvel at the natural wonders that surround Kittitian Hill. Just step out of your front door and find yourself among acres of bountiful farmland and fruit groves. Explore the forest on foot or hop on a bike and discover the scenic paths that weave through the cane fields, pastures and forests to the beach down below. After a swim or a nap on the beach, hitch a ride with our golf carts back to the hotel. 
If you’re feeling more adventurous, trek from The Village to the highest point on St. Kitts - it’s a challenging climb, but worth it. En route you may encounter an abundance of wildlife from flitting hummingbirds and chattering monkeys to exotic butterflies. When you reach the summit, the whole island unfolds at your feet, offering one of the best views in the Caribbean - it’s the perfect spot for mindful reflection or an afternoon picnic.
Further afield you can hike through the Valley of Giants or explore the UNESCO World Heritage Site at Brimstone Hill – one of the best preserved historical fortifications in the Americas.