Enjoy the Edible Landscape at our Organic Farm

Kittitian Hill encompasses 400 acres of organic farmland and tropical forest; it’s an edible landscape, planted with organically-grown fruit and vegetables. You’ll see ‘Pick Me’ signs hanging where the ripest fruit is ready to pick and enjoy, as well as indigenous plants that serve as natural habitats for wildlife while reducing the need for irrigation. 

In conjunction with our organic farm, we have planted rare and heirloom tropical fruit trees as a botanical collection to help protect local endangered species. We seek to provide positive long-term effects on the biodiversity of the island by sharing plants and seeds with farmers and collectors around the island and regionally.
Beyond our own tropical farms, Kittitian Hill sponsors local farmers in the area to produce the best quality food without the use of pesticides or unnecessary chemicals, and reduce the island’s dependence on importing produce. It’s an essential component of Kittitian Hill’s food philosophy as well as our culture of community and sustainability.